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Saint Lucy's Catechists

The Catechists team of Saint Lucy's Church sees its primary role as active participation in the universal mission of the Roman Catholic Church, taking seriously the Gospel and centralizing the “Kingdom of God” in all our relationships. We are committed to awakening in our students and their families an appreciation of the faith dimension of their lives, an understanding of the Faith Community both locally and globally, and a realization that service to the world community is an important part of the Gospel message.


Hola! My name is Dulce Gomez, First Communion Teacher, and  I fell in love with St.Lucy's about 7 years ago, and wanted to be part of a great community. I'm super exited to be working with an amazing team to share our experience with your children so they can embrace their religious journey. You can find me snapping pics at mass, leading a reading, volunteering or sharing my love for st.lucy.


My name is Narciza Loja. I am excited to be able to guide young people thought their spiritual journey.

It is truly a blessing. I'm grateful to be part of St Lucy's growing community and a great group of catechists. 

Dinora is a graduate student and works at a Catholic non-profit, Corazon Puro, that forms young adult disciple leaders in areas of great need. Dinora had a deep encounter with Christ during her Confirmation program in 2004, in front of the Blessed Sacrament during a Holy Hour. Since that encounter, she has been an active member of the Church as a catechist and missionary. Dinora is inspired to accompany young people in their journey of faith and call to holiness. Among her favorite quotes are St. Augustine's "Our heart is restless until they rest in you" and St. Catherine of Siena's "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire". 

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My name is Ylaisa Tejada.  I am a wife,  mother of two beautiful boys, and a consultant for my husband's business. I've been a member of Saint Lucy's Church since 2013.
Why am I a Catechist?
Upon reflecting on my life and recalling: hardships, accomplishments, mistakes, successes, failures; the one thing that has kept me centered is having a personal relationship with God. None of my experiences "good" or "bad" have any meaning without the awareness that God is the only constant throughout my life.

Catequesis is my way of paying forward the gift that was bestowed upon me.
I have a faith life thanks to the influence of my Mother and Godparents who were fervent believers.  As I teach about our faith to the youth, I deepen in my devotion and surrender to God's message of love, peace and fellowship with all creation that is evident throughout the Gospel. I look forward to working with you this year.

You can contact any of the Catechists here:

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