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Letter of Good Standing

Purpose of this letter also called Certificate of Eligibility for Sponsors (or Godparents)

I frequently receive requests for this letter asking me to sign a statement that a certain individual is a practicing Catholic and eligible to serve as a godparent, Confirmation sponsor, or RCIA sponsor. This is sometimes referred to as a Letter of Good Standing. A Catholic in “Good Standing” means they attend Holy Mass regularly and, if married, were married in the Catholic Church.  Sometimes we encounter that the person requesting my signature:

  • Has not registered in the parish, 

  • Or has no record of any involvement in the parish, 

  • Or has no record of attending Mass, 

  • Or stop coming to Saint Lucy for years

  • Or has moved to another area or has just arrived from another area and has no record of being involved either here or there. 

This makes it very difficult for me to sign my name to something that I am not sure is true. I also don’t have canonical authority to provide the Letter  if you are not registered, or not living in the parish boundary. 


The purpose of a Letter of Good Standing is to show that we value the example and commitment of godparents and sponsors, and it is hypocritical to stand up for someone when you either do not believe or practice what you profess. The letter assures the requesting parish that the person recommended is serious about his or her Catholic faith and will share that faith with the one to be baptized or confirmed. Therefore, please take note of the following guidelines for requests that you may make in this regard. If you want to be a parishioner of our parish and have not registered, please:

  • Register as a parishioner. If you would like to register, ask the Secretary for a form, this doesn’t mean we will give you a letter right away. You can download the form here: English or Spanish

  • Become involved in some parish activity or ministry if you are not already involved. 

  • Fulfill your obligation to participate at Mass on Sundays ( or Saturday 6:00 pm mass ) and Holy Days of Obligation and either use your envelope or a check that allows us to track your attendance (this is not to see how much you give, but that you attend regularly as good standing). 

  • If you are an young Adult (16 to 21) of parents in the parish, register yourself here or wherever you attend Mass.

  • If you come from another parish and just moved here and would like us to offer a for you, please bring some statement from your previous parish that you are a practicing parishioner there. 

  • If you move, notify us that you have moved and register in the parish of the new location. 

Remember and please note our parish registrations are to be used only by our parish and our diocese. In no way do we share the information you give us with the government or any outside organization.

Please understand that I welcome everyone and anyone. Catholic as well as non-Catholic can attend Holy Mass here at St. Lucy’s Church.

The guideline above is helpful for me to exercise the duty of granting those requested letters from my conscience and my limited authority within the parish.

Sincerely in Christ

Rev. Fr. Paul Donohue

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