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Meet the Catechists

The Catechists team of Saint Lucy's Church sees its primary role as active participation in the universal mission of the Roman Catholic Church, taking seriously the Gospel and centralizing the “Kingdom of God” in all our relationships. We are committed to awakening in our students and their families an appreciation of the faith dimension of their lives, an understanding of the Faith Community both locally and globally, and a realization that service to the world community is an important part of the Gospel message.

Hi! I am Miss Sophie Moutis. This is my third year teaching Confirmation at St. Lucy’s Church. I made my confirmation here and after wanted to become more involved in the church. I was welcomed into the St. Lucy’s family and enjoy being apart of the St. Lucy’s community. You can expect lots of fun crafts and activities in my class. My intention is to share my faith and help guide the students on this spiritual journey.

My name is Melissa Melendez, I have now been apart of the Saint Lucy's community for 4 years. I was confirmed, and throughout that year I built a strong connection with the community, thanks to my catechists and all the people working in Saint Lucy's. I then decided to come back the following year, and became a lector, a CCD leader working with the same catechist who taught me, and decided to form part of the youth group, now named, God Squad, in order to work more around the Newark community, through the church. I am now going into my second year of teaching confirmation. My mission is to help your child understand what it truly means to be confirmed,and to guide them to the path of the confirming of their faith. I look forward to working with the confirmation class of 2018, and hopefully encourage them along the way to come back and help the community the following year!

Hola! My name is Dulce Gomez, First Communion Teacher, and  I fell in love with St.Lucy's about 4 years ago, and wanted to be part of a great community. I'm super exited to be working with an amazing team to share our experience with your children so they can embrace their religious journey. You can find me snapping pics at mass, leading a reading, volunteering or sharing my love for st.lucy.

Hello my name is Jesica Gomez.

I made my confirmation at Saint Lucy's.
After being taught by an amazing teacher I decided I also wanted to a become a catechist. I am excited to teach the students making their confirmation and I am happy to share my faith and experience with them.

My name is Dennise Gomez, I have been part of Saint Lucy's community for 4 years. I was confirmed here. I decided to come back. I became a lector, I also joined the youth group now named God Squad. I am now going into my second year of teaching confirmation. I fell in love with the idea of being able to work with kids and figured that helping to guide your child in confirming their faith is an awesome way to do that! I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year!

My name is Gabriela Negrón. I have been at Saint Lucy’s Church for 4 years now. I first began as a lector and then I decided to become a catechist to hand down my knowledge of my faith. This is my first year teaching and I am so excited for this year!

Hello, I am Izabelle Herrera, as a Catechist at St. Lucy’s, I’ve been privileged to be a part of the faith that has influenced me into the young woman that I am today.  I have been a catechist for 4 years, which has allowed me to build good relationships in our community. I am on the debate team, newspaper club, chorus, member of the National Honor Society and Vice President of the Student Council at my school. I enjoy working with the youth of our parish and I am very excited to share another wonderful year where we can grow together!

Hello! I am Andrew Herrera. I have been with St. Lucy’s church for as long as I can remember. I am very happy because this year I will joining the Catechesis team. I enjoy playing drums and I have been given the opportunity to join a musical program at NJPAC, because of my passion for music. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given in and out of church.  I wish to follow my mom and sister’s footsteps. I look forward to sharing my passion for helping others in our community.

I’m Mrs. Damaris Herrera

Confirmation Liaison here at

Saint Lucy’s Church.

 My professional life includes, Management, Adult & Religious Education.

 I have a life-long love for our church as it has been an instrumental part of my life.

 I’m am extremely honored and blessed

to share my time and faith with your children and look forward to creating lasting relationships in our community.


God Bless you,

My name is Narciza Loja. I am excited to be able to guide young people thought their spiritual journey.

It is truly a blessing. I'm grateful to be part of St Lucy's growing community and a great group of catechists. 

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