Saint Gerard

The people experience the personal presence of God through Saint Gerard Twenty-Four hours a day, 7 days a week you can find people, particularly women with a difficult pregnancy, visiting the Shrine of St. Gerard. In their need, pregnant women experience God's protection mediated by St. Gerard. It is as if St. Gerard assures them that God is listening and answering their prayer.

Every year, during the feast of St. Gerard, hundreds of parents report the graces they have received through the intercession of St. Gerard. People come from all over the tri-state area and beyond. They come from various ethnic groups and ages.

In the second half of 1890s, the predominant immigrant groups in the First Ward were coming from the Province of Avellino. They came with a sense religious life deeply expressed in a love for St. Gerard, who lived in the Province of Avellino during eighteenth-century.

St. Gerard Maiella showed special attention to expectant mothers. In 1899, immigrants from Caposele, Italy introduced the annual feast in honor of St. Gerard, who died October 16, 1755. Every October the feast of St. Gerard continues to be a highlight for the parish. Now for more than 100 years, St. Gerard has been an integral part of St. Lucy's in a profound way. St. Lucy's community bears witness to the fact that St. Gerard is a patron of new life, expressed powerfully in the symbol of expectant women.