You can see that the people who enter St. Lucy go around visiting with the saints, touching the statues, crying in front of them, and recounting their story. When they leave the church, they are convinced that they have been heard. From this perspective, we can say the entire church is a shine, not just the chapel of St. Gerard. The saints are "sacrament" of God. They present a simple way to communicate with God. This is not a complicated theology, but a life of faith. It is dialogue with God in a popular and profound manner (Popular religiosity). The statues are a point of passage for people to reach the presence of God in their lifeā€”a God who listens to them.

St. Lucy's Church has preserved many of the Italian immigrant traditions of the people who founded and built the parish in 1891. Generations of families have worshipped here. Every year we honor St. Michael, Our Lady of Snow, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Rosary with special celebrations and with a procession around the plaza.